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Condition, tone, and strengthen every part of your body and also your mind.

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Fitness As A Lifestyle

Start a home routine of building your muscles and burning calories.

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Time To Breathe

Give yourself a moment to rest and recover from the strenuous activity.

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Feel the gym atmosphere right inside your home.

Getting fit is now just a few steps away.

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Make workouts easier.

You're more confident when you're comfortable.

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Wellness within your reach.

An inexpensive and less-effort way of working all your muscle groups -- home exercise.

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Bring fitness closer to you.

Design an effective workout program by yourself and without having to go out and travel.

Strength comes from the inside.

Release it from within the corners of your home. Having quicker access builds better consistency.

I am so happy with the equipment I purchased! We're still on community quarantine since the beginning of the year in our country so a number of establishments are still closed especially the gym so my brand new dumbbells are a lifesaver.

Kelly F.

There's quite a lot of traffic in the city which just makes hitting the gym take longer than it's supposed to. Thanks to SPH Home Gym I now have an option to workout while staying home.

Mitchel Halls

Received my purchases in pristine condition. I'd also like to commend the customer service by this shop. Accommodated my questions since I'm fairly new in strength training.

Tori Ruth

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